Strategic Marketing for Atlanta Childcare Businesses That Works—Really!

It’s been proven that developing a successful childcare business has little to do with advance degrees in early childhood education or the bells and whistles of a fancy facility.

In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 1/3 of all childcare providers in the United States are home-based with over 28% of them being managed by childcare workers who have a high school diploma or less.

Although a great education and top-notch facility are highly valuable assets, parents and caregivers most often choose childcare based on convenience, the family budget and most importantly — who they trust.

How To Become the Name Parents Know and Trust

As you’ve probably discovered, parents are extremely skeptical when it comes to who’s caring for their precious angels. Parents need a reason to believe in your business in order to woo them. That’s why engaging them through effective marketing and advertising is critical to the foundation of your business’ success.

With just a little advertising you can easily transform your small startup daycare or existing center into a thriving operation that adds tremendous value to the community and profits in the bank.

Reach Your Target Market will develop a campaign that will help you reach your marketing goals quickly and affordably.
On average our clients operate at 90% capacity within the first 100 days of launching just by trying a few strategically planned marketing techniques that deliver proven, high-performing results. Our programs are designed to help your business:

  • build trust with your target audience
  • build enduring partnerships with parents through referral marketing
  • solicit sponsorships from local businesses and organizations
  • boost identity awareness
  • establish competitive pricing strategies and more!

Whether you’re just getting started or have an established childcare business, Reach Your Target Market can help you build a successful business caring for children.

If you need help building your business, don’t hesitate. Contact us today. We look forward to helping you grow your business.

Restaurant Marketing in Atlanta – Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty Without Shattering Your Budget

As many restaurant owners and managers discover, branding a restaurant successfully requires more than just savory meals and charming ambiance.

After you find the prime location, outfit it with chic decor and hire the most amazing chef on the planet, you still have to have a solid plan for getting hungry customers in the door then more importantly—have another plan to keep them coming back and bringing others with them.

In today’s era of endless fast-food chains, dollar menus and seemingly 24/7 fast-food advertising — how is it possible for a mom and pop restaurant to compete?

For many small restaurants, like your local deli, the challenge can seem overwhelming to say the least.

The misbelief is that in order to achieve real success in the restaurant business you have to have a near limitedless budget like McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Burger King. Not true.

The key to succeeding is to know what they know. By knowing what they know you can do what they do. Make sense?

Here’s Why McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King Are So Successful…

Although you may be anticipating some huge industry secret, the reason these guys do so well is quite simple. They invest back into their businesses by paying experts to analyze their target audience down to the most extensive detail then personalize their marketing messages to attract highly motivated customers.

Said another way— they get to know who they’re selling to VERY, VERY well. It’s that simple.

To compete, you have to do the same thing. The more you know about your target audience will help you identify key factors such as what motivations determine their purchasing decisions (lowest price, quality, taste, customer service, etc.)

By understanding your customer’s goals, motivations and purchasing habits, you can better tailor your products to meet their needs and expectations. You don’t have to have a million dollar budget to do that. All you need is information and a solid plan and you’re on your way.

Get Experts On Your Team Like They Do

Reach Your Target Market is made up of direct marketing specialists who have helped restaurants of all sizes find innovative ways to reach motivated customers.

We’ll develop a campaign based on proven strategies that will:

  • produce a rock-solid marketing plan to maximize profitability and minimize risk
  • analyze your target audience to pinpoint your best customers
  • generate repeat business and high customer retention
  • increase sales and profits with minimum cost
  • fine-tune your marketing messages across all channels
  • increase brand recognition
  • get great return on your hard-earned dollar and more

You don’t have to have a million dollar budget. All you need is information and a solid plan. We’re the team of experts that can help.
If you need help building your business, don’t hesitate,
contact us today. We’ll show you the step-by-step process for reaching your target audience through customized marketing and advertising that works.

Dental Marketing for Atlanta Dentists That Gets More Response and Better Results!

Workers being laid-off. Skyrocketing health care costs causing employers to scale down employee benefits. Don’t expect new patients to come knocking down your door these days without doing some legwork.

There’s never been a more crucial time in your dental practice’s history than now to help prospective patients fully understand why you should be their provider of choice. Here’s why.

Many dentists nationwide are seeing declines of 5%, 10%, 15% or more in production from just a year ago, according to an article published in the October issue of AGD Impact, the newsmagazine from the Academy of General Dentistry.

The reason is because so many people are finding themselves out of work which means more people are loosing their health care benefits making it hard to justify going to a dentist unless in the case of an extreme emergency. Fewer people are willing to spend money on dental work for fear of what they believe may still be to come.

Hard Choices Ahead For Dentists

It comes as no surprise that the biggest victims of the recession aren’t the larger corporate dental practices, but the smaller businesses struggling to stay above water.

Practice revenues are plummeting, but dentists still have to pay staff and other bills plus in some cases pay back huge bank loans that enabled them to open their practices in the first place. Needless to say, some dentists are feeling incredible pressure right now.

Elevate Your Success Through Integrated Marketing

When revenue tightens, some dentists’ knee-jerk reaction is to start cutting essentials, like staff and marketing. Granted, when things get tough, it’s a good opportunity to reevaluate your business plan and find out what you can do better but this is not the time to panic.

Even in a great economy, businesses face tough challenges creating long-term growth. Just because the economy is hurting today doesn’t mean your practice has to hurt along with it. In fact, with the right marketing strategies, you can actually grow your dental practice in the current economy while gaining huge market share for the long-haul.

Reach Your Target Market spends countless hours engaging Atlanta dental patients and testing marketing strategies for Atlanta dentists. In all of our studies we’ve consistently found that almost every dental practice’s marketing effort has untapped profit potential in six key areas: marketing plan development, communication distribution, sales process, customer relationship management, customer retention and campaign enhancement.

We’ve learned that it doesn’t matter if the practice is new or established, mastering these six key principles of marketing will enable your practice’s marketing efforts to increase productivity, production and profitability while building long-term growth.

Producing a great plan
We all know that great marketing helps establish how you differ from your competition but how is great marketing achieved?

Great marketing begins with great ideas. The success of those ideas depends on great planning. Have you ever heard the saying “Failure to plan is a guaranteed plan to fail.”? Well this saying holds true for your dental business as well.

A solid marketing plan is the most important guide you’ll have to maximize profitability and minimize the risk of marketing. We’ll create a well-developed marketing plan that guides the execution of every detail of your marketing effort, and in turn lead your business to greater returns on your investment.

Knowing where to advertise
For dentist to effectively maximize their marketing effort, it’s critical to understand two key factors: Where new prospects are searching for dentistry, and two: How new prospects are searching for dentistry. We find the right mix of integrated channels such as direct mail, print and online marketing that will serve up the highest number of targeted customers consistently over time.

Effective selling
There are six key steps for effective sales: 1. Prospecting 2. Initial contact 3. Sales presentation 4. Handling objections 5. Closing the sale and follow-up 6. Service after the sale. We offer sales coaching for your sales staff and marketing managers to help you establish great customer service.

Building customer relationships
Professional customer relationship management is about being aware of your customer’s needs and reacting to them efficiently.  Reach Your Target Market helps you understand your customer’s experience so that you may anticipate and respond to their needs quickly and consistently across your organization.

Retaining customers and gaining referrals
It costs far more to acquire a new client than it does to retain an existing one.

Like all businesses, your revenue comes from two sources: current customers and new customers. Many dental marketers focus all of their attention on generating response from just prospective new patients while completely ignoring the proven loyal customers they already have. It’s like welcoming in new patients through the front door then leaving the back door open for them to walk right back out.

We study your best customers to create the right customer retention program that will save you the time and expense of rebuilding your customer base over and over. We also implement great reward incentive programs to encourage prospect referrals.

Fine-tuning your marketing message and making it stick
Maximizing the success of your campaign takes a lot of ongoing analysis and evaluation. Analyzing your campaign’s performance helps you evaluate its success. Backed by solid data, we fine-tune your marketing messages across all channels to ensure your efforts more effective and highly targeted.

Reinvest, Reinvent and Reward

Increasing your marketing efficiency doesn’t always mean increasing your marketing budget. With practice revenues plummeting, Reach Your Target Market understands that small practices don’t have money to waste. Just because the economy is hurting today doesn’t mean your practice has to hurt along with it. This isn’t the time to panic. The fact is, the right marketing strategies, can actually grow your dental practice regardless of the economy.

We’ll create a well-developed marketing plan that guides the execution of every detail of your marketing effort.

If you need help building your dental practice, don’t wait. Contact us today. We’ll show you the step-by-step process for reaching your target audience through customized marketing and advertising that works.